Januar 05 2017

Alla Kholmatova und Gábor Vajda

LEAN DUS #19: Beyond the design system

Alla Kholmatova

Why do some systems get better with time – more coherent and well functioning, while others get worse – they become bloated, cumbersome, difficult to work with? Most importantly, once your design system is set up, how do you make sure that other people in your company can use it to achieve their goals, and that they would even want to work with that system?

In this talk we’ll look at how to create an enduring design system that people want to use. We’ll talk through the steps to get there, as well as mistakes, stumbling blocks, and lessons learned.

LEAN DUS #19: The technology side of a design system

Gábor Vajda

Front end code can go out of control quickly without a solid methodology and architecture that holds the pieces together. There are a lot of aspects of design to take care of: we all want to build robust, easy-to-use, beautiful, fast, accessible websites with a code base that is easy to develop, maintain, and work on as a team.

Gábor will walk through the front end architecture and methodology he uses at FutureLearn for our design system. He will share the reasons behind some of the decisions they made, and the lessons they learned.